Baby, It’s Cold Outside


This 275th Anniversary Christmas, come warm up & admire the inventive and beautiful ways in which individuals throughout history would ward off that winter chill. Check out the exhibit in Historic Bethlehem. 

From muffs to bear fur gloves to Sherlock Homes-esque and Jackie Kennedy-style coats, this exhibition is sure to chase the frost bite away. Discover how to tell real fur from fake fur and learn how fur clothing is made from smaller sized pelts.

Enjoy historic photographs of Lehigh Valley residents in their finest knits, wools and fur. One photograph features a little girl wrapped in a fur-trimmed coat posing for the camera while another shows a woman dressed to impressed in a full length fur coat, a fashionably slanted hat and boats against a snowy background.

See how the textile techniques used in featured objects from the Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites Collection inspire contemporary textile artists through a pop-up exhibition and demonstrations by The Knitters’ Edge, who have a mini-exhibition featuring handknitting & crochet work.

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