Saturday, November 4th at 2951 Betz Court in Orefield, PA

The Ultimate Zombie Paintball Thrill Ride takes you on a Zombie slaying army truck armed with 24 semi-automatic zombie assault rifles (AKA paintball guns) driving through a 50 acre course filled with live zombies but don’t be scared as you will be aboard one of the finest 10,000 LB military vehicles money can buy and with this special zombie ammo they will never have a chance to get close to you or your fellow soldiers. This is the largest ride in Pa. and fun for the entire family, even for the ones that don’t care for our scary darkside but buy you tickets early as this ride now startes at dark and ends at 9pm.

The brand new GROUND BREAKERS ZOMBIE KILL RIDE now takes over at 9pm and yes you asked for it, hang on to your shorts because this will be the most terrifying zombie paintball thrill ride you ever encountered. Right around 9pm these zombies built up a resisitance to our special ammo and the truck is no longer a safe zone. be prepared to to be scared.

The darkside is now 3 horrific, thrill seeking attractions in one and is set to cause even more blood curdling screams this year! A 10,000 square foot haunted attraction with some of latest and greatest animatronics, this with only the best hillbillies definitely makes for some of the best scares in the Lehigh valley. This attraction includes Hillbilly Hell Haunted House, The Slaughter Barn and Dead End Cornmaze.


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