The Red Carpet Party

5870It’s that time again! The annual Red Carpet party returns on March 4th where YOU get the chance to experience the 90th Academy Awards on the big screen! Not only that, but there will be raffles and giveaways for framed posters of 2017’s best films, trivia, drink specials, and much more.

At this year’s Red Carpet Party, Whole Foods Market is bringing in a wide array of delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts including sandwiches and wraps; fruit, cheese and antipasto platters and more. With each ticket purchased, a complimentary drink voucher will be included for one beer, wine, soda or rail drink. Guests will also get a complimentary bag of popcorn to take with them into the cinemas!

Adding to the fun, there will be raffles for framed posters of Oscar-nominated films and during the commercial breaks guests can take part in trivia from SmartsQuest Quizmaster Steve Bost. There will also be an Oscar® Pool where participants try to predict the winners in several award categories, with the person who comes closest in his or her predictions earning two Season Passes to see films at the cinemas throughout 2018.

 Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas



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